1. A decision is taken by the Executive/Government that a law is needed for a specific purpose.

  2. The Attorney General’s Chambers is then responsible for drafting a Bill.

  3. That Bill is then taken to Parliament where it is introduced by the relevant Minister.  He proposes the Bill and it is seconded by another member of the House of Assembly.

  4. Each Bill has three readings: 1st, 2nd and 3rd.  Ordinarily, these three readings occur at three different sittings of Parliament.  In exceptional circumstances, the proposer of the Bill can ask for the Bill to be taken through all three stages at a single sitting of Parliament.

  5. Parliamentarians are entitled to debate the Bill after the second reading.

  6. On occasion, a  Select Committee of Parliament is chosen to review a Bill and make recommendations to Parliament.  Members of the public are often invited to submit Memoranda to Select Committees.

  7. After the third reading of the Bill, members of Parliament vote on the Bill.  Once it  is “passed” in the House with the majority of members supporting it, that Bill becomes on Act.

  8. The Act is then sent to the Governor-General for his assent.

  9. The Act enters into force as law when it is published in the Government Gazette, or on a specified date stated in a proclamation published in the Gazette.
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