The procedure for making a correction to legal documents varies depending on the type of document and would take approximately two to three days.

  • MARRIAGE CERTIFICATES - An application for correction can be made by anyone, but can only be witnessed or signed by the bride or groom to approve and complete the correction. They must provide the original and a photocopy of the marriage certificate, two (2) copies and the original of the birth paper and a photocopy of their National Identification Card (ID).

  • DEATH CERTIFICATES - He application can be done by anyone and they must provide the original death certificate and a copy, two (2) copies of the birth paper and the original, one (1) photocopy of the National Identification Card of the applicant and two (2) witnesses. 
  • BIRTH CERTIFICATES - There are several types of corrections made to birth certificates, these include: correction of error, insertion of a name and late registration. 

Insertion of a Name - This type of correction can be made by anyone but there must be two (2) witnesses known to the individual involved. The necessary documents for such insertions are the birth paper and a photocopy, a baptism certificate and two (2) photocopies or National Identification Card (ID)/VISA/Passport/Drivers License/Farmer’s ID, original and two (2) photocopies.

Late Registration - These applications can be made by anyone, but can only be signed or approved by the mother and one (1) other witness unless she has died or is mentally unfit, in such instances another relative or guardian will assume such a roll. The documents needed include a blank birth certificate and a copy, two (2) copies of a clinical card and/or a baptism certificate and a photocopy of the National Identification Card of the applicant. 

Correction of Error - Can be done by anyone that knows the individual if for the correction is related to the changing of the mother’s or father’s name they are usually asked to be one of the witnesses. If they are not in state a relative of either is required to be present. In instances of changing the maiden name a copy of the birth certificate and or marriage certificate is also necessary. With regard to corrections relating to the date of birth a letter from the hospital stating the correct date is necessary.
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